Orbeez Gun Thought to Be Real Weapon at City Boat Docks; Male Arrested

Orbeez Gun Thought to Be Real Weapon at City Boat Docks; Male Arrested

By: Staff Reporter

Niagara Falls Police responded to the Niagara Falls City Boat Docks at 9401 Buffalo Avenue around 1840 hours on Saturday, June 4th, 2022, after initial reports of a subject with a gun.

Dispatch received information from a witness that a male in a red and white truck was brandishing what appeared to be a rifle. It was further reported that multiple individuals were in the immediate area. Due to the nature of the call, multiple police officers responded in emergency mode.

Upon arrival, police approached the truck and spoke to the operator who was later identified as Blake Labelle. Police observed Labelle holding what appeared at first glance to be a short-barreled M4 carbine-style rifle with no stock. However, it was discovered that it was some type of Orbeez Gel Blaster. The apparent firearm did not have an orange tip on the barrel nor any type of obvious markings identifying it as a toy.

Labelle told police that the had stopped at the park to talk to his friends and play with his blaster. Police placed Labelle in handcuffs and were given verbal permission to search the vehicle for additional weapons which yielded negative results.

Labelle was then advised that he was under arrest and placed in the rear of a patrol vehicle. Specifically, he was issued an appearance ticket for being parked in a handicap space with no handicap placard. Labelle was transported to police headquarters where he was booked and released with an appearance ticket.

The Orbeez blaster was seized and placed into evidence. No further information is available at this time.

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