Niagara County Chief Deputy Weidel Announces Retirement After 35+ Years

Niagara County Chief Deputy Weidel Announces Retirement After 35+ Years

By: Staff Reporter

The retirement of Niagara County Chief Deputy Patrick G. Weidel was announced on Friday, January 28th, 2022, after an astounding 35 years of service! 

Chief Weidel began his career at NCSO on February 1st, 1988. In 1993, he became a DARE Deputy and was eventually promoted to become the DARE Sergeant. Chief Weidel was then promoted to Investigator and joined the Criminal Investigation Bureau in 1997.

After an accomplished stretch as a well-respected Investigator, working numerous high-profile cases, Chief Weidel was promoted to Captain. He had a change of pace, serving on the Midnight Road Patrol shift before becoming Administrative Captain. Administration became a job he was very well suited for leading to an eventual promotion to Chief Deputy in June of 2017. He has held this position until today. 

Chief Weidel’s career was nothing short of impressive. He is responsible for securing millions of dollars in grant money to aid the Sheriff’s Office, spent countless hours managing building projects and became an integral part in making improvements to the county radio system in use by first responders today. 

To those that knew and served with him, Chief Weidel will always be known as being knowledgeable, personable,  and a tremendous asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Niagara County.  

“Chief Weidel, your impact on emergency services in Niagara County, and your legacy will be a part of the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office for years to come,” stated County Sheriff Michael Filicetti. “Congratulations on your much deserved retirement Chief!”

The Niagara Action, and Niagara County community as a whole, thanks you for your service. 

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