Intoxicated Suspects Force Way Into Home and Trash It Over $15

Intoxicated Suspects Force Way Into Home and Trash It Over $15

By: Staff Reporter

Niagara Falls Police responded to 600 block of 7th Street around 0300 hours on Saturday, July 30th, 2022, after reports of a fight.

Upon arrival, police came into contact with the complainant and two suspects – a male and female – who appeared to be heavily intoxicated as they were slurring their words and could not make a coherent sentence. The complainant informed police that the suspects knocked on his door and when answered, the female stated that he owed her $15.00 for a ride she had provided him earlier. The complainant stated he would provide her money at a later time.

However, this was not acceptable to the suspects as both became irate and pushed themselves into the complainant’s home. The complainant’s disabled daughter told police stated that the suspects began trashing the living room while screaming that they wanted their $15.00. While trashing the living room, the complainant’s display cabinet, gaming chair and television were all destroyed with an estimated value of $1,310.

The complainant screamed at the suspects to get out of the house which resulted in the female grabbing the complainant’s hair and dragged him towards the front door scratching his face in the process. The male suspect also punched the complainant multiple times in the face. After attacking the complainant, the suspects went outside the residence, picked up a glass bottle and shattered it against the complainants vehicle causing the window to crack. The estimated damage to the vehicle is approx. $400.

Police took the suspects – later identified as Robert Van Every and Kassie Van Every – into custody where they were transported to police headquarters for processing. No further information is available.

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